Friday, February 25, 2011

Uh... 48 yards?!?

You are now reading the post of the proud owner of 48 yards of interfacing!  (Do I sound convincingly proud or just feeling a little stupid?)

Over the next few months I'm participating in two wonderful embroidery BOM groups - Stitch-Along and Birdie Stitches. SOOO.... I decided today to trek out into the two (not five-to-seven inches) of snow that appeared overnight and go shopping. 

If you've read my earlier posts (and if you did you deserve a trophy or an award or pity or something...) you may remember that I don't like using hoops when I embroider (they leave marks, they stretch out the fabric, it gets dirty where you hold it, etc).  So I decided to replenish my interfacing.  Off to JoAnn's I went.  They were out. Onto the next JoAnn's.  They were out, too.  Ok, try another.  Still Out. (Don't these people appreciate the price of gas?!?!)

Landed at the junkiest one (right near home).  They had it, of course.  WELL!  I have a coupon! So, deciding that I don't want to repeat this search again I declare to the poor cutting counter girl, "Wrap it up!  I'll take the whole thing!"  I was a little shocked to realize at the register that it's 48 yards to a bolt!

Ok, 48 yards @ 99cents/yard minus 40% off coupon minus $5 merch credit plus tax = 3 lunches at Chipotle!  Suh-weet!

Have I mentioned that one of my favorite aspects of quilting is the math?  Yes, I'm sick that way.

So, 48 yards minus .5 yard for the Stitch-along minus 1.5 yards for Birdie Stitches = 46 yards leftover this year.  Average 2 yards a year means I'll use it up in 23 years which brings me to 64 years old (my birthday is next week).  Hmmm... hope I can still see to embroider!

Oh well!  Gotta prep my fabric!
Happy Friday everyone!


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