Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Moment Now Will Save Many Later!

Ok, so you're in the shop, and they're about to cut a nice yard or so off the bolt for you.  As you look down, you see a spot (a hole, a misprint, a mark, a stain, a blemish) on the fabric.  Buy it at a discount?  SURE!  I'm a scrap quilter.  But this is only a deal if you're smart about it later!

This is not sale fabric!

When I get home, before I forget, I always mark the defect on the fabric.  Whether it's a piece of masking tape or a garage-sale dot, I cover the blemish.  That way, when I go to cut it that night, next week, next year, I don't forget about it. 

Hard lesson learned?  You betcha!  Once upon a time, in my early quilting days, I cut up an entire cut of fabric only to find I was one block short because... I had forgotten about that hole.  Fabric is too expensive to take chances.

Happy Saturday!

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