Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stash Therapy

Funny how I turn to my stash in times of chaos. My car broke down today, and the garage hasn't fixed it yet. Dag-nabbit.  So, off to my little island of sanity.

This past summer I donated 10 boxes of rather "dated" fabric to a group of local quilters that make quilts for Doctors Without Borders. You know the ones... paisleys, printed plaids, LOTS of calicos.  They were thrilled to death, and I can finally reach the fabrics I actually love.

I didn't touch my 2 big boxes of scraps... DUM-dum-DAH! Until tonight. I had thought about giving them away or "scrapping" them because there were some really old & ugly fabrics in there and I'll never use them up. However, a recent UFO changed my mind - if I had donated this box then I couldn't finish that quilt. So, to plan B (as in Bonnie).

I've been reading a wonderful quilt book by Bonnie Hunter called Adventures with Leaders & Enders. I don't want to give her best tips away (you need to buy her book!) but tonight I started changing this:

To this:

Finally! A little control in this crazy world! It's not overwhelming if you commit 15 minutes a day.

Happy Quilting!  (And wish me luck with my car!)


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