Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tis the Season Stitch-Along

I'm SO geeked! I joined the Tis the Season Stitch-Along group today!

Oh joy! Why am I so excited! Honestly, because I miss my quilt guilds. When I lived in Maine, I belonged to 3 local and 1 state guild. These ladies were the best friends I've ever had. The laughter, the inspiration, the gossip, the support, and, oh my, the food. I loved every aspect of being in the guilds. I miss my meetings, the workshops, the shopping, the getaway <sigh>.

But since I've returned to Michigan, I can't find a "guild" home. The two I joined were HUGE! You couldn't make friends because you never saw the same two quilters twice. The room so packed you couldn't hear the meetings, see show-n-tell, or play games. I've searched for other guilds but they're either full or meet on nights I work. I don't have the resources to start my own.

So, the Stitch-Along. This is a group of about 100 women from all over the world, who work on 1 project together. They're just finishing up Anni Down's
Gardener's Journal (a delightful set of embroidery blocks from Australia). I enjoyed checking in every morning for the past 2 months checking on their progress.

This round, starting in March, is Natalie Bird's
Tis the Season embroideries (I have such a weakness for these wonderfully-executed Australian embroideries!). I'm doing mine on a tea-dyed muslin and darker reds.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. Oh Elisa
    I am so pleased you have found a new home......I am not part of a quilt group either hence why i llike blogging as it is MY group and no what time of the day you will always find someone online..........
    welcome to the SAL 2011........

  2. We miss you too! The getaways are not the same so I stopped going. Too much drama and no one left with which to laugh at it all. I love stitchery quilts and just might be inspired to dig mine out again! Love you Elisa. Keep giving me inspiration!


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