Friday, January 31, 2014

A Suggestion for Amazon - Hear It Here First!

A friend has been recommending this book for quite some time, and, browsing a bookstore yesterday, I spotted it.  I'm hoping to start it this weekend.

I LOVE books. I worked in bookstores for over 19 years, until the chain closed several years ago. I currently work at a publishing company (going on 13 years now).  I have oodles and piles of books in every room of my house.  I love the feel and smell and weight of a book in my hand.  But I also love eBooks - they are handy things to have at doctor appointments and such.  Yes, I know I can carry a book in my purse.... but I dislike carrying purses.  My phone, however, is always at my side.

So, my point?  I think should take a page from the movie industry.  I think when you buy a book you should be able to pay an extra bob or two for an electronic code.  Like movies, where you can purchase the DVD and a digital download, I think with books you should be able to get the best of both worlds, too.

That way, when I'm stuck in line waiting to buy a hot cocoa and my book is sitting in my bag in the car, I can pick up my phone and continue reading where I left off.

You heard it here first.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ouch! 1 Week Later

Sitting in this seat a week ago today, just as I pressed [SEND] on my blog post, BAM! I was nailed by a Maglite falling off a top shelf and onto my head. I had just finished reminding Steve that we had to leave by 9pm for the season premiere of Sherlock.

We were at my Sweetie's family gathering, a Welcome Home party, and somebody had bumped a bookcase. We left by 9 alright... and straight to the Emergency Room. Head wounds bleed.

What a weird experience there. I beat quite the crowd, but Steve got stuck at Security because he carries EVERYTHING in his pockets. Near me, 1 man had cut open his hand while opening a can of Garbonzo beans (he told the nurse he wished it were a manlier wound). The two across from me had, in separate instances, been bit in the face by small dogs. And the Middle School cheerleader across the aisle was fooling around in the locker room and fell/impaled herself on a purse hook.

They tried to take my blood pressure, but the nurse said it must be wrong because if it was accurate my head would've exploded. After inspection, they sent me home with staples in my head.

Staples are fun. No hats and I keep snagging them on towels when I wash my hair. They aren't flush with my skull so I keep irritating them every time I run my hand through my hair.

Some of the jokes:

* I'd pull my hair out, but it's stapled to my head.

* My head only hurts when I use it.

* When I whined about the wound being itchy, a friend posted a pic of a staple remover on my Facebook timeline.

* I showed at sauna tonight and was presented with the attached helmet from Linda and Ron!

I get the staples out Tuesday, if we make it, as the Polar Vortex is back. The high for the day will be 2°F (windchill for the low is -30°F) and the roads will be hazardous. We won't risk it - I don't need any more staples.

Tool Time: Fiskars Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

I like tools.  All sorts of quilting tools and notions.  A favorite are all my rotary cutters and accessories.  I own Fiskars, Olfas, and Gingher.  18mm, 40mm, 60mm.  Straight blades. Pinking blades.  Wavy blades.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned buying the Fiskars Ergonomic cutter as a gift for myself (I've had an Olfa ergonomic cutter for several years, but it finally bit the dust).  My friend, Lauri, asked for an update, but I'd been delaying... waiting for the day I had to change out the blade so I can review that also.  However.... still waiting... 

Even though I've been cutting dozens of Oxford shirts fused with interfacing, the blade is still sharp as ever (good sign!). So I will have to get back to you on that.  I have made a few other observations, though.
  • It does the work, but it doesn't feel very solid.  The handle is hollow so I don't have the reassuring weight in my hand.
  • Still getting used to the cutting angle as the ergonomic handle is quite different than the Olfa.  I have performed hours of cutting, however, and my hand never tired nor my shoulders ached.
  • It does like to collect lint up in the guard area.  Unfortunately, I  have an urge to wipe it away when I see it.  Fortunately, I've remembered it's a blade before I've cut myself.
  • I do like the guard.  I like, when closed, how it's larger than the blade so it gives extra protection.
So, the Olfa is gone, and I've retired the Gingher (which REALLY wasn't worth the money!). So thumbs up!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Detroit Train Station

On the way home from Mexicantown for dinner, and we passed the Detroit Train Station in its Winter glory.

Newbie Mistake!

Well... that will teach me to get cocky.  I'm working on a memory quilt for a friend (his mother passed last year) using all these fabulous Oxford shirts she has.  It's beautiful because she had so many of them in varying colors.

I was thinking as I was prepping the yellow shirts that I should tag them so I don't mix them up when piecing the final blocks because the shades & textures were so similar.

Yellows weren't a problem.... I blew it with the greens! Doh!

I have no valid excuse.  When I cut the fabric, it was daylight outside and my eyes were fresh, but I pieced them at night after a day on the computer.  Normally I would've used my numbered flower-head pins (or numbered safety pins for larger pieces).

But I didn't.  I'm hoping there's something good on TV tonight as I sit and unstitch.

Lesson learned (again)!
Happy Friday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phew! Close Call!

I'm making another "memorial" quilt for a friend. His mother had passed this year, and he wanted a quilt made from her clothes.

I've been working on it periodically over the last few months with the intent of "ramping it up" after the holidays. The clothes are Oxford shirts in these wonderfully vibrant colors. I'm making a type of pinwheel block, setting them with strips made from her pure white shirts.

Sometimes one can get lazy - since the lady wore these blouses all the time you would assume the colors have set, right? Something made me suspicious of this gorgeous red blouse. I tested it at the very last minute - DOH! Good catch! You can actually see it bleed!

Glad I took that extra step!