Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilting is Comfort

Last night we had to rush a family member to the hospital.  It was scary times, but luckily I come from a close family.  While sitting in the waiting room I pulled out my embroidery passing the hours waiting for the blood tests to come back.  I started to think of all the times I've turned to my quilts and quilting for comfort.

This quilt is full of friendship blocks made by ladies of the three quilt guilds I belonged to in Maine.  My dear friend, Lisa, knew moving away would be tough and she wanted to ensure I'd always be surrounded by their love.  She pieced both the front and back (the back is a large pine tree for the Pine Tree Quilt Guild - the state guild).  I spend many nights wrapped in this quilt with Oscar and Ginger on my lap.  You can tell it's already starting to fade.

I made this quilt while going through my divorce.  I wanted something bright and fun - something to preoccupy my time so, just for a little while, I could escape and not hurt so much.  I guess I got a little carried away - the back is pieced too!

Then several years ago I underwent a surgery.  Nothing like getting stuck on a couch for 6 weeks in recovery.  I remember it was particularly sunny - a beautiful September in Michigan - and I couldn't enjoy it.  I made this sunny quilt while staring hopefully out my living room window.

And last night I worked on this.  Luckily, my family member was sent home in the wee hours of the morning and I can put this friend away for another day.

I guess it's no surprise that, in times of trouble and comfort, I turn to bright colors.

Thanks for listening.


  1. I have gone to quilts for comfort long before I knew how to make them. My paternal grandmother Georgianna was a quilter. She made many scrap quilts and we all had them on our beds. I would lie there for hours looking at the fabrics seeing how many of one pattern I could find in the quilt and before I knew it my punishment was over... trust me, I spent a lot of hours with my quilts.

  2. Hi from another new Tis the Season stitch along member.

    I remember that my sister used to sit in the hospital doing needlepoint during the many hospitalizations one of her children had to undergo. It was portable, relatively mindless, and helped her get through the hours. I'm glad your handwork helped you in tough times.


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