Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling a Need for Spring!

Sunlight poring into the window has motivated me to change out my wallhangings and pull out my Spring table cloth (no, it's not Spring.  The sun is lying to me).

It's when I make a final sweep of the room that I realize that I've left 2 holiday pieces up too long.  I thought I'd share them before putting them away for the season.

The first is my snowman - this was my embroidery project tiding me over until my new Stitch-Along group starts in March. 

I absolutely LOVE this little guy (12" square), but I am looking forward to making something new to hang in this quiltrack in his place.  Here's a close-up:

There's also my Christmas bells.  Found this pattern in a little shop in Tecumseh, MI.  It reminds me of the old steam train sitting outside the shop doors and the German pretzels at the bakery across the street.  It was fun to make something so quick and simple for a change.  I'm particulary proud of the blue bell - I didn't have another metallic-y Christmas fabric late one night so I took this blue and decorated it with gold specialty stitches programmed on my sewing machine.

I hope all of you are enjoying a little slice of Spring today!


  1. Beautiful i love all your projects,i love xmas,well done
    cheers shez

  2. can you share this pattern with a friend? :)


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