Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weird Day

Spent the day outside dealing with this:

Which, apparently, is the only thing I can successfully grow. When I really wanted to work on this:

This is from my Tis the Season Stitch-Along. Did I mention that I stitched the wrong block for this month?

Where's a good dandelion patch when you need one?


  1. no worries..........he's done for next month.........dandelions are pretty..........

  2. I think dandelions are perrenials! They come back every year. Loev your cute little Christmas block. Adorable, and you are one up on the block for the next month!

  3. Love your gold stars on the elf block - they match your dandelions! I feel your gardening pain. I have a whole garden bed covered in a green creeper that knowledgable visitors tell me is a weed. I figure it covers the ground so to me it is a ground cover which is a gardening term so must mean plant. Tracee xx

  4. My dandelion crop is just growing awesome too! My granddaughter has been picking them by the handfuls and I hope it helps reduce the reseeding! ha ha


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