Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenfield Village (The Henry Ford) part 2

I hope you're enjoying the pictures.  I had such a great time at The Village - sometimes it's nice to escape from the modern world for a little while.  

Weiser Railroad - taken with my Hipstamatic app

A little further down the road from the Adams house is the Noah Webster house (1823 - New Haven, CT).  This house is filled with treasure!  Workers, in period costume, will make quilts during the day using the original methods - one lady said "their" quilt took them 15 years to complete!

Does this carpet catch your eye?

Yes, those are penny rugs!  

Purported that the odd contours of this bed are from Noah's ghost laying down!

Our next stop today is the Susquehanna Plantation (1835 - Maryland).  These ladies were giving a quilt demo - the heat, however, in this kitchen was unbearable!

Our final stop for this quilt tour is Firestone Farm (1828 - Columbiana, OH).  Here we see some lovely crazy quilt pillows.

I hope to have more to share next week.  Starting Saturday, May 28th, Greenfield Village hosts its annual Civil War Remembrance where reenactors from all over the country setup camp, cook & sleep & parade all weekend.  I love walking among the encampments because many have beautiful Civil War repro quilts in situ!  

Take care!


  1. So beautiful -gosh I haven't been there in YEARS. Thanks for all the great pics! I can't imagine trying to quilt in summer, in those costumes, without air conditioning...

  2. I haven't been there in years either. I hardly ever get to that side of the state any more. My mom lived in Fountain City Indiana where they had Levi Coffin house that was much like the one above, in that it had it's original set up and things. I love seeing things like that. Just glad I don't live during that time. It's so much more fun now just to look at them. LOL

  3. This looks really neat! I haven't been there. Those penny rugs are just amazing!

  4. I saw you comment on Carrol's blog and hopped on over! Glad I did. I'm from Michigan too and I have been wanting to get back down to The Village for a long time. It's on my list of things for the summer! I love that place and it's been way too long!


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