Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Plans

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So geeked to have the long weekend off!  I have so many big plans (starting with my long nap this morning), but we'll see how realistic they are!

1. Finish this for a dear friend going through a rough time (LOVE Anni Downs Simple Pleasures!)

2. Pull out my 100 Civil War Courthouse Steps swap blocks and complete the top (the 150th anniversary only comes along.... once)

3. Start my May Birdie Stitches block (yes, still so far behind)!

Monday is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous, here in Michigan.  It's a great change from the solid rain for the last few weeks (my backyard has been underwater and inching towards the house for a week - I do not live anywhere near a river or a lake!)  Going back to Greenfield Village for their Civil War Remembrance Days.  If you didn't get a chance, I have some great quilt photos from my last trip here and here.


  1. Love the Anni Downs stitchery! My May birdie block is about half done now. I'd better get busy...the new one will be out on Wednesday! :0)

  2. I love that Anni Downs stitchery. I'll have to get that pattern. I see blogger is having problems again with followers not showing up. Gads!

  3. That Anni Downs stitchery is so cute!!! Enjoy your weekend, and stay cool - I'm not looking forward to the heat wave, with no a/c! Might not get much sewing done this weekend.


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