Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Finish!

I have three goals for this long holiday weekend, and I've finished my first project.

Here's my mug rug for a very dear friend.  It's from Anni Downs' Simple Pleasures.  I didn't realize how small the rug looked with the big mug on it!

I hope she likes it.  

Finally got to use one of my new labels

Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friends!

p.s. Do any of you have this problem?  My patchwork princess, Ginger, is so determined to spend time with me in the quilt room (excuse the mess!) that she perches on the back of my computer chair like a vulture.  She cracks me up!


  1. Your mug rug is darling. What a nice gift it would make. I must get that pattern. Love your cats. Mine insists that I drag a chair next to mine so she will have a place to sit beside me. Aren't cats wonderful!

  2. Very pretty - your friend will love it - you must have gone bleary-eyed piecing those tiny little squares!

    Your cats are adorable - mine has a chair in my sewing room where he can easily supervise me, plus he has ... well ... any of the couches upstairs are basically his, LOL. Cats are the BEST :)

  3. I have 4 cats. They are almost all quilters, but my Maine Coon is the one that "cat-scans" all my quilts for me. When I lay my blocks out on the floor, she rearranges them to her own taste.

  4. DARLING little mug rug - I think it's the perfect size! Your kitty is too funny - mine used to perch on the TOP of doors - and then jump on your shoulder as you were least expecting it! She couldn't do that now, she's far too fat.

  5. Fabulous mug rug. The stitchery is perfect. I like the kitty mug too :) I have two chairs in my sewing room and I swap from one to the other. My Kitty often tries to occupy one and when I need to move her she hisses at me. Your cats look very cute.

  6. What a beautiful little mug rug!

  7. That is a great mug rug, and actually, I am thinking I like the size of that one. A lot of times mine are so big. It fits JUST RIGHT :D
    Love the personal embroidery, way to go!
    Hugs, Mickie


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