Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cameo Quilter's Quilt Show

What a nice surprise on this cold, rainy Saturday!
Awoke today and attended the Cameo Quilter's Quilt Show in Madison Heights, MI.

I miss the camaraderie of the quilt guild.  I belonged to 3 local and 1 state guild in Maine.  I've been back in Michigan for 10 years and still can't find a home here.  Saw the Cameo Quilters show posted on a bulletin board.  They're a bunch of nice ladies and I'm glad I went.  It was a very relaxing, stress-free way to spend the day.

AND I didn't spend a dime in the vendor booths!  Amazing, huh?  Nothing sparked my fancy.  But, again, the booths were manned by some very nice people.

Here are some highlights (in my opinion) of the show.  I am particularly fond of scrap quilts.  Surprise, eh?

I love how simple yet eye-catching this one is.

This looks like a great quilt to work on 15-minutes a day!  Betcha I can go through both tubs of scraps!

In the jungle, the mighty hunter...

My full-quilt photo doesn't do this one justice.  I'm going to make this one someday.  

This one was draped over a chair.  You can't really tell in this picture but the thread was neon.

For "Viewer's Choice", there were categories such as Best Hand Quilting, Best Appliqué, etc.  Most everything I saw was machine-pieced/machine-quilted (no criticism - most of mine are too).  This was one of the only appliquéd quilts I noticed.  Lovely, eh?

I have this pattern!  I've been working on it for years.  This quilt has inspired me to start it up again.

Lovely little show with lovely people.  Hope to see a visit a few more this year.

Happy Saturday!


  1. The log cabin lion is amazing. Thanks for posting. Tracee xx

  2. What beautiful quilts! I love the third one! And the last one. And the first one! :0)

  3. Oh man I wish I'd known about this - I would have had to come! If you hear of any other local shows, PLEASE let me know! I've never been able to find a guild - I've asked at Guildcrafter's quilt shop, and they just say they think they're all full.

  4. I sure love the first and last quilts! What a neat show. I can feel you about not finding a home here. I just moved here from Idaho and felt that way for a while. I'm starting to find my quilting home, mostly through blogging, amazingly! I have a few local people I'm friends with, but most of my good quilting buddies are bloggers...some here in MI and others around the country. Maybe our little get together will help you feel more at home! I sure hope so!

  5. Since you enjoyed the last CAMEO show, I wanted to let you know about the next one. May 10 (10am-6pm) and May 11 (10 am-4pm), 2013. Madison Place Conference Center, 876 Horace Brown Drive, Madison Heights, MI. Admission is $5 for both days. This year, in addition to all the wonderful quilts, boutique, vendors and raffle quilt, we will also be having a silent auction of small and mini quilts. Hope to see you there.

    1. Fabulous! I've added it to my calendar :)


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