Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quiltin' Done!

Woot! Finished quilting my TIS SAL! Just have to bind & label, and I'm done! Can't play the next round with the other girls until I've completed this one!

Just stitched in the ditch, but I like it! Will share when the whole quilt is complete.

Happy Stitchin'

By the way, my friend Allie-Oops, is a genius! Followed her advice in basting the quilt, and my backing was perfectly smooth!


  1. go for close to the end........

  2. Oh I love it too! Very, very nice! Always great to have a finish!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! Good for you, sweetie! I'm so glad the basting worked for you - so much easier on the back, lol! Hope you get out to enjoy the weather this weekend!


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