Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Stitching! I'm Stitching!

I love this SAL and have loved spending my evenings stitching away.  Here is the completed top.  I'm not sure I'm keen on how the borders turned out - got a little too fancy.  Think I should've left out the smaller "circles" border and went right from cranberry to green.

I missed the deadline (Sept 30th) but I'm plugging away - Chooky won't let me join round 3 until I'm done.  Round 3 is Anni Down's Some Kind of Wonderful and, probably much to my friend Ann R.'s amusement, is filled with the "A" word!  Guess I'm going to learn applique!

Stop back in a day or two and I'll share how I achieved the perfect 1/4" border/sashing.  Very neat!


  1. Gorgeous, Elisa - I love it!!! Good job! And yes, I'd love to hear how you got that 1/4" border!

  2. Great quilt. I too would like to learn how to do that 1/4" border.

  3. go for it............the clock is ticking past the deadline............


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