Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Big "A"

I'm so psyched! Finished my Tis The Season SAL and now can officially join the next round using Anni Down's Some Kind of Wonderful book.

This next project uses scrap piecing, embroidery, and APPLIQUÉ! I can machine appliqué and buttonhole, but have limited experience with actual hand appliqué.

So, my friends, any recommendations for an appliquéing newby? Any favorite appliqué authors? Blogs? YouTube videos? Tutorials? Any tips to share or "must knows"?

All help greatly appreciated!



  1. I think when you start hand applique you will find it addicting. Carrie of A Passion for Applique is a wonderful hand stitcher and she has some tutorials on her sidebar in her blog. Here is the link: Her applique is lovely and she teaches classes in her area. Check her out!

    I am enjoying hand applique so much that some days I wonder why I have a sewing machine! LOL

    Have fun!

  2. One more thing. If you want to watch some a good video that you can go back to as often as you need, you might want to check out Karen Kay Buckley's. I have her DVD and love it. She also is a great teacher. You might find it on Amazon.

  3. That book is on my list! I use fusible to applique, I don't have the patience or the nimble fingers to do any other kind.

  4. so glad you finished the TTS SAL so now you can get into this one.....the lastest quilters companion has a DVD with it on needleturn applique I'm going to watch it later so will let you know what I think of that..............

  5. Hi... I do love the fabrics you have chosen... it will be so pretty... I have been learning needleturn this year and have some tips and links which I found and received from others... it is not exhaustive and I am still learnign so I will enjoy reading what you come with... I am also going to be watching the video mentioned already and is links sent by others....
    There is plenty of choices and I think the best tip is try several techniques and work out which you like best....


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