Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween is a Stitch!

Several years ago a friend (hi Lisa!) came to visit me this time of year.  The one comment she made over and over again is, "You Michiganders sure love your Halloween!"  WE DO!

My neighbors have already decorated. Seems like every house has eyeballs in the tree, graves up the path, headless scarecrows, wispy ghosts.  Saw a full-grown adult pass by in a complete ladybug costume walking her dog, and the black cat next door is sporting a shark fin.  Yes, I'm trying to get a picture for you!

I love pulling out Halloween projects from years past.  Thought today I'd share my favorite one - embroidery patterns from one of last year's Quilt Sampler magazines.


Had to share all the blocks with you!  What do you have hanging on your walls?

Happy Stitching!

p.s. I'm hoping amongst all the Halloween happenings to find time to make that fabulous "bowling pin" kitty from Teresa of Fabric Therapy.  LOVE IT!


  1. A few weeks ago I had a Michigander visiting me, here in Colorado. She told me about your blog and yes, she was talking about the Halloween decorations her daughter was planning for their house!
    I love your Halloween quilt! My mom was a quilter. Me? Not yet! I have three bins of my mom's fat squares, and some day.... maybe.... I'll pull them out and try something fun and different!

  2. Those Halloween stitcheries are adorable. I love your quilt!

  3. That is one of the cutest Halloween quilts I've ever seen! We don't decorate for the holiday anymore - I did when the boys were small. I'll never forget flying on Halloween one time, our pilot was dressed as Dracula, complete with silk-lined cape!

  4. Love your Halloween quilt! The stitched blocks are so cute!


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