Friday, July 1, 2011

Quilty Stay-cation!

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh enjoying the sunlight in my pajamas!  I'm on... stay-cation! 

Find a bench (this one is my favorite), pull out a good book (reading Charles Finch's The September Society), and revel in having no responsibilities!  And, when it's too hot and I've had too much Vitamin D.... off the quilt!

I've noticed that my finished projects list is not getting shorter.  I've been working on so many things simultaneously, but over the next few days I'm going to knock some things out!  Last night I made headway with a holiday project:

Ok, I know - wrong holiday, but at least it will be ready for next Easter!  This is from Nancy Halvorsen's Count On It book - I replaced "April" with the word "Easter" since Easter does not fall in April every year, right?

Lucky I kept my handy-dandy blue index card (look familiar?). 

These I keep in my Bernina manual so I can replicate my settings for specialty quilting.  I used to capture these settings and store them on my computer, but sometimes I'm too impatient for the dinosaur to boot.  I had also made notes on Post-its inside the manual cover, but they are flimsy.  With my index card, I was able to sit down last night, change my settings, and start stitching.  For some reason, I have it in my head to master the machine buttonhole. Weird, huh?

Do you have any special plans for this holiday weekend?
Happy Summer!


  1. Love your Easter wallhanging. Good idea about changing the word. I don't have much planned, except to relax this weekend. Enjoy your stay-cation!

  2. I really like that Easter project! I hope you enjoy your stay-cation, that's what I'm doing too, just hanging out in the a/c that FINALLY made it's way to my sewing room....not cool enough in here yet to sew but I'm working on it!


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