Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't Look Now! It's Here!

Ok, how's this for Divine Providence? I'm sitting here for a moment on the loveseat contemplating the world. Well, maybe not the world, but my "gotta do" list. I've checked many items off of it, but there's so many more to go. I don't want to do laundry or clean the carpet. I want to quilt.

As I'm trying to psych myself into doing something, I hear a thunk! outside. It's the mailman, and he has delivered a package. Hmmmm.... I didn't order anything. I opened the door, and there at my feet is a package from Australia! (insert wild screams of joy and excitement here!)

Can you believe it? Several months ago I submitted my name for a giveaway at Don't Look Now AND WON! Very, very talented designer Kellie Wulfsohn (a huge hit at Quilt Market this year) drew my name.

Look at these gorgeous fabrics and the pattern peeking out!

Even the backing fabric is beautiful!

I'm feeling awfully lucky today, and I'll tell you what..... the carpets can wait!

Off to the quilt room!
Hope you're feeling as lucky today,

p.s. Check out Kellie's other patterns - My next purchase is Animal Alphabet!

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  1. What a lucky delivery! Glad you received it today, seems like you were supposed to be quilting! have fun!


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