Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playing Hookie Today!

Ok, I confess.  I was not quilting today.  I needed exercise.  I needed sunlight & Vitamin D.  I needed laughter with the family.  So, when my brother & sister-in-law called, I had my shoes on.  

My day consisted of a wheelman, a lookout, a partner in not-really-a-crime, world's largest stove, rattlesnake habitat, caches, Bonobo the monkey, a bunny, a Sandhill crane, a fen, a sundial plaza, a tunnel under a pond, a forgotten Eagle Scout footbridge, 1 wild goose chase, 2 wild turkeys, 3 hot air balloons, 150+ year old hotel/restaurant, and lots & lots of laughter.  So, what did you do today?

My family went geocaching and waymarking today at Indian Springs and Kensington Metroparks.  It was simply amazing and exhausting!  I thought I'd share some random photos from today:

World's Largest Stove - Michigan State Fairgrounds

FTF!  Forgotten Eagle Scout Bridge at Kensington Metropark

SO many paths - thankfully SO many benches too!

Is this a cool sun dial or what?  Indian Springs Metropark

Tunnel leads under the pond at the Discovery Center - Indian Springs  Metropark

Rockin' Robyn, Mr. Energy and Little Brother at The Fen - Indian Spring Metropark

Mr. Energy doesn't look amused

Thank you Rockin' Robyn, Little Brother and Mr. Energy for an awesome day out!  Now, off to bed - I may be gettin' too old for this!


Ask me about Geocaching and Waymarking!  My stats are on the sidebar - woot!

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  1. That looks like a BLAST, Elisa, are you still napping? I think I need one just looking at the pics, lol! I haven't been to Kensington in YEARS.


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