Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frugal Quilting Tips, Anyone?

Good morning, my friends!

As some of you may've heard, my part-time job is closing it's doors. Besides the loss of daily interactions with friends & favorite customers, a social community hot spot, enforced exercise up & down the stairs in 4-hour shifts, I'm out some bucks (cash, moolah, greenbacks). My friend Allie has been cheering me up with helpful suggestions to economize my quilting addiction.

Unlike this picture below, I am ready to listen! I thought I'd stop a moment and share a list collected from Allie and other friends; figured in this economy others might have a need, too.

Ugh! Such an awful picture of me! My cohorts in crime are my sister Wikid Kriket and sister-in-law Rockin' Robyn
1. Pretty obvious but worth repeating: use the stash. Plus, make your own jelly rolls - you have the fabric.
2. (My favorite from Allie) Go to the thrift shops to buy flannel sheets for batting and vintage sheets for backing.
3. (From Lisa - who makes every scrap count!) If you are running out of certain fabrics, start making smaller projects (there's only 1 bed in this house - how many queen quilts do I need?)
4. If you need a certain style or color, swap with friends.
5. (Another from Allie) Enter as many giveaways as possible. There's some great stuff out there and it doesn't even cost you a lottery ticket!
6. Look for alternative tool sources (like amazing rotary blades a Harbor Freight Tools).
7. Sometime it's cheaper to buy in quantity. Buying that bolt of interfacing with my 40% off coupon is cheaper than individual trips for each project (also multiple shopping trips = multiple chances at temptation).
8. Don't have to take multiple trips to the library for books with patterns - seems like almost every pattern is free in the blog-o-sphere. Have you been to
9. Wash your fabrics in batches - not when you need it. That water bill will add up!
10. If you do have to go to a fabric store, check their website for coupons (our local shop posts a new coupon monthly). Make sure you are armed with a photo of the fabric/color swatch and exact size to prevent unnecessary spending.

Ok, ladies... What else? I'm trying to stay positive and motivated!



  1. Did you know there's a Harbor Freight Tools in Port Huron? I knew but it didn't connect until this last trip!

    If you know what fabric you need, check stores online - especially the clearance and sales. But stick to your list! Lots of places also offer free shipping.

    I love number 3 - how true is that!

  2. I've been on a fabric diet all year. It's not fun when I can't buy all the newest fabric out there, but it's a great feeling using up what I have instead. Hang in can do it! :0)

  3. Those flannel 'sheet blankets' make wonderful batting and are only about $3 on sale. Also, check out church tag sales - they often have 'a dollar a bag' time for clothes - you can find some wonderful fabrics and can really stuff a bag if you're careful - plus you get a load of buttons and sometimes other trims as an extra benefit.

  4. It sounds like you have some very special friends. With some very good advice.


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