Saturday, March 26, 2011

Looky Here! Looky Here!

My Friendship Star quilt just arrived in the mail!  My good friend Judy Frank (of Frankly Quilts in West Bath, Maine) quilted some lovely loopy stars in my loopy star quilt!

Isn't it gorgeous???? I still need to bind it (wanted to photograph it while it's sunny - can't depend on too many sunny days in Michigan right now.  Isn't that an ugly shed and fence in the background?).

Even though this is a simple scrap quilt I've compiled over 9 years, it's my favorite.  So many scraps shared by so many friends!  Pieces shared in charm swaps and pulled out of scrap bins at the retreats and classes.  The only pieces I own of the red floral/stripe (arm of this star) and the pale yellow swatch (upper left) are in this quilt - both shared by friends from Cobblestone Quilters in Portland, Maine.  It's a memory quilt of my fabulous friends I had to leave behind but have never forgotten.

Even the back is fun!  I've decided that at holiday time I'm going to fold this quilt so the back is showing with these loopy stars!  Won't it make a wonderful holiday quilt in itself?!?

Hope you're able to enjoy some sunshine on this Saturday also!


p.s. Here is the original tutorial to make these fun blocks!


  1. Beautiful Elisa .. as always :)

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Love the quilting too! :0)


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