Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Online Tutorials

Good morning!

I came across these 2 fabulous video tutorials today and had to share!

The first one is for Pieced Curves So Simple that show you how to add "applique" circles to your blocks without curved piecing, appliqueing, or pins!  I really miss HGTV's Simply Quilts!  While watching the tutorial you can click on the icon to view the printed instructions.

The other one is through the Missouri Star Quilt Co for a "tube tutorial".  Using this simple strip piecing method, you can create on-point hourglass-within-an-hourglass blocks.  They give both right-handed and left-handed instructions as well as suggested settings.  I really love all their video tutorials, and you can view them on YouTube also.

This is another great advantage to owning my iPad.  When I watch these tutorials, I can set my iPad on my cutting table and work along with them.  So cool!

Happy Thursday!

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