Monday, January 31, 2011

Friendship Star - 15 minutes at a time!

Speaking of 15 minutes… here’s what you can do with 15 minutes… spanning years!  J
Right by my machine is a pile of scraps to make blocks a friend showed me years ago.  It’s a TRUE friendship star!
Sew a 2.5”x4.5” light rectangle to a 2.5”x4.5” dark rectangle.  Or, sew a 2.5”x40” light strip to a 2.5”x40” dark strip and cut down into 4.5” subsets.  Press to the dark.

Using the picture as a guide, sew a light 2.5” square to the bottom of the dark rectangle.  You will be sewing on the diagonal of the square.  You can either use a pencil line or the Easy Angle Acrylic Tool as a guide.

Then sew a dark 2.5” square to the top of the light rectangle.   You MUST consistently sew the light square to the dark rectangle and the dark square to the light rectangle as they appear in the picture. 

Trim the excess square fabric.

Flip the fabric, and press down.  Don’t be stressed if it doesn’t match perfectly along the edges.  This is a very “forgiving” block.

Continue piecing these whenever you have 15 minutes to spare, forming a nice scrappy pile.
When you’re ready to assemble, sew a pair of sections together (like the picture below).  Repeat over and over until all your sections are sewed into these new units.

After sewing your sections into new units, start sewing your units together (like the picture below). 

Voila!  A star!

This is what happens when, after making them over a span of 9 years, you finally put them together!   Can you believe I lost track and have enough for 2 quilts!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great quilt! You must have lots of little triangles left over you could make pincushions with! :0)


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