Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I did something yesterday that hurt someone close to me. I didn't think things through at the time, and, in retrospect, I realize I was very wrong. I've apologized, but I fear I damaged an important relationship.

Why, as we age, do some of us not learn?

So sorry.




  1. Sweetie...we're human...we make mistakes...we ALL make mistakes. I very much hope this person forgives you and that the relationship survives, even stronger than it was.

  2. Yeah, your post reminds me of times I've opened my big mouth or done something that was hurtful. Just remembering makes me sad, too. But...I think it is a learning thing, too!

  3. It appears as we age our "filters" get clogged and the crap just spews from our mouths. I cannot imagine anyone who REALLY knows you would think that it was intentional. XOXO <3


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