Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've Confused My Brother

Around my birthday, my brother Jeremy asked what I was going to buy with my birthday money.

I told him that I needed a new comforter set for my bed.

"WHY?", he exclaimed. "You're a quilter!"

"Because," I replied, "in the summer heat, if I'm going to sweat, it's going to be on my Kohl's comforter and not one of my quilts!"

I tried to take a picture of my new comforter before it had the first trace of cat hair on it, but I was too late with the camera!

What do you think? Does Ginger approve?

Do you have both store-bought and handmade for your bed? After these pictures were taken, Ginger scooted over to her quilt! That's my girl!

Back to my stitching....

Happy Thursday!




  1. Ginger is cute... and so typical 'cat'!
    I used twin sheets to make duvets for two comforters - his and hers. (We like to sleep with different levels of warmth) They aren't quilts, but they are made by me... does that count!

  2. Ginger is ADORABLE - and of course she has to inspect any new bedding, lol! Yes, I have a mix on my bed. Tonight, since it's so cold, I have my favorite quilt ever - a thrift store find, a handmade quilt but more like a comforter, then my Shabby Chic comforter, and then a quilt I made. It's almost June, I refuse to close my window, and I'm freezing, lol! Enjoy your beautiful new bedding!

    1. Allie, where do you live? So cold? 90 degrees here in Salt Lake City! Lauri

  3. Ginger looks like a kitten in this picture, my first thought was you got a new cat!

  4. Hey Elisa, in your reading list, did you know that Julie Hyzy's Artistic License was a Five Star book?



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