Monday, May 7, 2012

DIA Inside|Out Exhibit - Farmington/Farmington Hills

It's that time of year!  The Detroit Institute of Arts is having their annual Inside|Out exhibit!

In ten local communities, 80 reproductions are spread out and displayed outside for everyone to see and appreciate.  This exhibit has given me the chance, over the last few years, to visit some beautiful little downtowns I never knew existed.  I thought I'd share my recent journey through Farmington with you.

I had to be careful about which photos to share because... Another bonus, created & maintained by the local MI-GO members, each community is also hosting a DIA geocache.  After solving puzzles using local landmarks and the art, finders of these caches get DIA tattoos, free museum passes and DIA stickers.  It's a great time!

Happy Monday!

Side note 1: For those wondering if my sister passed the test or not (see last post), I had published it during a rainstorm and she lost power for several days.  She loved her poofy pouch though!

Side note 2: Nope, haven't figured out what the H*CK is up with Blogger - can't seem to get rid of the bold, blue font throughout the blog.  AARGH!

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  1. Gorgeous pics - I think I need to take a drive!


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