Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Favorite Tool


I'm a gadget girl. Gotta have! Gotta have! When I decided I had to finally focus on appliqué, I didn't have to go far for tools. I was able to shop in my own quilt room (some goodies still in packages - LOL).

After months of practice, I finally completed my first block (do I sound pleased with myself? Will share on a sunny day). And, with all my practice blocks and fancy gadgets, what was the most useful tool in my arsenal? A toothpick.

Wooden. Inexpensive and light.
Dull point. Nudges fabric back into place without poking holes.
Wet. Snags the loose threads for concealment.
Round. Rolls seam allowance under like a curling iron.

In celebration of my victorious first block, I may go out and buy another box of them!


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  1. And, it looks like you buy the 'expensive' ones! Hoe it doesn't break the bank!
    Thanks for sharing. Your holder is a great idea!


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