Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitered Corners and Glue

I had a spare 15 minutes tonight to quilt so I decided to work on my table runner.  LOVE it - it's a 6-sided table runner consisting of 9-patches made from Civil War fabrics.

Hmmm.... guess it's just me, but, when I bought the pattern, I didn't give much thought to the "6 sides" or how to add the borders.  It's a lousy pattern - especially the instructions for creating the mitered ends!  UGH!

But, I was feeling confident and it worked out!  What d'ya think?

I've never mitered before, and I couldn't figure out their instructions. The pinning thing didn't work, but the glue did!  Teresa from Fabric Therapy had posted some great applique tutorials using disappearing purple school glue sticks so I had some on hand.

Looking at the borders, shifting as I tried to pin... why not?  Glue worked wonderfully, held the borders in place, and were snipped away when I trimmed my seam allowance.

SO geeked!  Both ends look wonderful!  Had to share!



  1. Looks fantastic. You did a great job and it was your first time. Excellent!

  2. This is beautiful. I love those fabrics and you did great on your miters.
    There's a good book called 'Just Around the Corner' that has great information about that if you're interested. Maybe you could borrow it from the library or something.


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