Monday, March 14, 2016

Local Quilt Shop (TSS 009)

Another 6" block done - this one is Scrapcat's Quilt Shoppe!  Yes, you may've noticed that I skipped #008 in the series - I have some ideas, but I need to read up on the technique. In the interim, I played with this one.

I had the nicest compliment about my embroidery. Someone said her machine only does monograms. I told her mine was done by hand. I can't hand draw letters so I typed it out in Microsoft Word. I printed out the pattern and used a light box to transfer to my prepared fabric

I also decided I needed to add some "quilty features" to my Quilt Shoppe block so I paper-pieced a flying geese for over the door and a square-in-a-square for the window.

Cute, eh? It's made of scraps from other blocks.

I was going to add other quilty effects (like a strip-pieced roof or "siding" made from selvages), but the sections were so small the details were lost in the seams. 


That's a lot of pieces!

I've decided to keep a counter at the bottom of these posts to track them. 
The totals are based on the original patterns and not on deviations.

Local Quilt Shop= 17

Total to Date: 180 pieces*

*Does not include TSS 008


  1. Love your flying geese, I've just finished mine tonight too :-)


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