Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Common Threads - Uncommonly Good

Yesterday, Steve and I headed off to the Alma/St. Louis area in Michigan to visit the middle of the mitten. Pretty cool, eh? We were up for an adventure. Don't let the picture fool you - except for this photo, we had wonderful sunlight and clear roads.

While tooling along US 12 (Michigan Avenue - that road is everywhere!), Steve said there was a quilt shop right up the road. (Keeper, right? I know!). We moseyed down this little village center and wandered in.  

Welcome to Common Threads Quilt Shop in St. Louis, Michigan. The very pleasant shopkeeper behind the counter regaled us with stories of people calling & thinking they were talking to a shop in Missouri.

It was a LOVELY shop (we didn't go wild taking pictures inside as we only asked permission to take a selfie). But the shop was filled with the newest Moda fabrics, a wall of reproduction prints, a baby nook, notions corner, and many, many shop samples. Wall hangings, quilts, bags, Easter pouches.

I regret I live so far, but I told Steve that if we're ever in the area (located between Lansing and Mt. Pleasant) we are definitely detouring. Until then, time to cut up my new creamy polka-dotted prints.

Common Threads Quilt Shop
109 North Mill Street
St. Louis, MI 48880


  1. Bwa ha ha. I think you meant MI and MO. Ever been to the quilt shop in Midland?


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