Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crocheted Thoughts (TSS 011)

Alyssa Thomas designed this block for The Splendid Sampler in honor of three generations of crafters in her family - her Grandmother tatted doilies, her mother crocheted and she quilts. Although not enthusiastic about this pattern, I decided to work it as is (versus going renegade) to practice my chain stitch. It was slow and painful, but I did it (and I'm glad I'm done with it).

I do love the colors. As I've mentioned before, I'm determined to "break out the good stuff" so I reached into my stash of ThreadWorx overdyed floss (#01138) from Farmington's Rocking Horse Shop.

As mentioned earlier, I'm a little behind due to a recent loss in the family, but I do hope to catch up this weekend. It's hard to work on these blocks without my little supervisor watching my every stitch while nestled on top of my pattern.


That's a lot of pieces!

I've decided to keep a counter at the bottom of these posts to track them. 
The totals are based on the original patterns and not on deviations.

Crocheted Thoughts = 13

Total to Date: 207 pieces*

*The count only includes the blocks I've completed to date

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  1. I'm a tatter! I learned form my grandmother when I was 8 or 9. What blows me away is that your chain stictch looks just like tatting. Beautifully done.


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