Sunday, August 21, 2011

Prickly Fingers

A lady at a quilt retreat told me once the best tool in her embroidery box was a bottle of Neosporin. Weird, right?

Ever notice on certain days (cold weather or constantly washing hands after eating Popsicles) that your hands are particularly dry and/or sensitive? Days like that, as you embroider or hand quilt, your fingertips are sore, stabbed, bleeding? Dab some Neosporin on them and protect with a band-aid. Next morning, your little fingertips will be supple and new.

I was excited today to see Neosporin-treated band-aids on my drugstore shelf.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I hardly ever poke myself anymore - experience maybe? The fear of needles making me extra careful?

  2. I use Neosporin for all sorts of bumps, scrapes, bruises, and stings. That stuff is a miracle drug! HA!
    They also have it now in a tube for chapped lips :)


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