Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Humble Quilt

Let me introduce you to... my humble quilt.

This pattern, comprised of 2" paper-pieced house blocks, was from Miniature Quilts a few years ago. It's perfect! Except for the puckered borders, the outside-the-lines machine quilting, the mismatched points, the whacked binding, the skewed fence, the cut-off branches...

Where is it? Bottom of the cedar chest? Nope. Hanging in my office at work. Anytime I get a little cocky, I look up at it, shake my head, and get back to work.

Have you ever made a mistake (or a plethora of them) and left it in?

Still working on my TIS stitchy.

Happy stitching!

If you haven't seen it, visit http://www.welovefrenchknots.com/2011/08/guest-stitcher-hudsons-holidays.html for an awesome free Halloween embroidery pattern!


  1. Great quilt! I love house quilts. They are just so home-y :) Great colors!

  2. Nice quilt! I have mistakes in almost everything I make! Usually I just leave them there and hope nobody notices! So far nobody has! LOL

  3. Gorgeous quilt, it's that lovely, I doubt anyone will notice the mistakes. I make lots of mistakes in EVERY project and leave them there!


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