Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to Work

Today is the last day of my vacation. I had tons to do and major, life-altering decisions to make. I did none of it and time is running out. Disappointed? No. Which is funny since time-management could be my creed. I guess I just needed seven days to de-stress and relax enough... silence life enough.... to enjoy the sound of peace for a change. Funny that when I finally have a clear head it's time to return to work!

Isn't this pretty? It's St. Martha's Episcopal Church in Detroit, MI. I snapped this while out waymarking. The Ford Cemetery is out front - final resting place of Henry and Clara Ford (and many of their relatives).

I am making great headway on my Tis the Season blocks (if you get a chance, click the TIS button on the left. Many of my fellow quilters are finishing their tops and quilting - they're all so different!). I have 1/3 of the 12th block to complete and then the wreath label before I can sew them all together. I'm glad the humidity has receded so it's comfortable enough to sit and stitch.

Once I finish these blocks I can focus on Birdie Stitches next. Next year I'm only participating in one BOM.

Happy Stitching!


  1. That is a GREAT photo. It looks quite peaceful and it's nice that you had a good week to unwind a bit. Everyone needs one of those every now and then :)

  2. Perfect photo! I'm glad you had a good week of no stress, I think you needed it, hon!


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