Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Was a Dark and Humid Night

Snoopy would be so proud of this reference -LOL!

I live in Fabulous, Fashionable Ferndale, Michigan (a quick two-step from the northern Detroit border). It seems like myself and most of my fellow Michiganians (or, Michiganders, depending) are running their a.c. tonight. There's not alot of power to go around. I've already blown several fuses (yes, I still have those) and the lights are not at full brilliance. So, I unplugged my TV, my a.c., my computer, and my sewing machine.

Luckily, minutes before I plugged in my last spare fuse, I was able to transfer my May Birdie Stitches embroidery, my June Birdie Stitches embroidery, and my second June Tis The Season Stitch-Along embroidery. They are stating that we'll have another heat advisory tomorrow so at least I'll stay on track with my BOM's.

Nothing like returning to our roots, eh? How're you surviving this heat?

Take care, Elisa


  1. Girl. It's 2am. It's 88 degrees in my bedroom. I have two fans going full blast and they're not touching this. I'm going to my mom's tomorrow and I'm spending the night! I don't even want to THINK about touching fabric.

    I hope your fuses last girl....

  2. Boy! It is a hot one and more heat today. Hope you can stay cool. I'm staying cool by sitting near the A/C LOL


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