Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forced Quilting Hiatus

Does this thing look beautiful?  It sure does to me!

Nothing like getting a little cocky in life to have a boomerang thrown at you!  Very late on our very hot, very humid Memorial Day, I went to get some ice cream only to find it melted in the freezer.  Uh oh!

The refrigerator finally died.  On the plus side, I'm currently renting and the landlord paid for a replacement.  On the negative side, it wasn't delivered until Saturday.  Have I mentioned how hot & humid it has been lately?

The broken monster is actually housed in a little alcove blocked by a gas dryer so... had to drag everything out, unload the spoiled food, prep the room for the exchange, do the exchange (who knew they delivered at 7am?!?), and clean it all up.  Add to that my two jobs, additional work while my boss is traveling, selling books at the Chelsea Handler event at the Fox Theater, family as well as life in general.  

Well, the only one who enjoyed my quilt room this week was Ginger (she loved napping on Kate Spain's gorgeous fabric, Central Park).  Ginger has good taste!  These fabrics are for the Postage Stamp Quilt Along on p.s. i quilt's blog.  Have you seen this pattern yet?  The images & fabrics used are yummy (sorry, normally not a word you hear from my mouth but the only way I can describe it) and the technique is brilliant in its simplicity!  This is my favorite one on Flickr.

Hopefully, life will slow enough for me to get back to my 104 Civil War Courthouse Steps swapped blocks.  They're pinned - just need to move the cat from her chair to start putting it all together!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. OH NO - the absolute worst weather to lose your fridge. And ice cream of all things, just when you needed it most! Gonna be hot again this week, try to stay cool, girl!

  2. Congratulations on getting the new fridge! I want to make that postage stamp quilt too, but I haven't even thought about starting yet. One of these days! :0)


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