Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Bump in the Road....

... Or just a chance at another scenic view?

I have both a full- and a part-time job (at both of them for 10+ years). Just heard that my part-time position is in the process of being closed due to corporate bankruptcy (fancy way of saying "we're getting the boot"). I'm not going to disclose the company - they've treated me well for a decade. It was the choice of their creditors. But, any way you look at it, it hurts.

What do YOU do during economic uncertainty? I think I'm the average quilter - I went into my quilt room and sat amidst my stash :) Kind of like Opus (of Bloom County fame) sitting in his dandelion patch -LOL. Can you envision it?

My brother sent an email reminding me that I've gone through life changes before and always landed safely on my feet (at ages 11, 21, 31, and 41 - what's up with that?!?) I wanted to reply, "yes, but the knees weren't so old!" Ok, now that I've stopped moping in the muslin and put on my 'big girl panties', I've got my second wind.

Every morning since my "31" crisis, I think of a "Happy Thought" that gets me through my day. Here's this week's quilt-related list:

  • I have enough fabric to get me to 51 or 61
  • Heaven help us - I may try appliqué again
  • I may find time to work off some of those fat quarters, honey buns and layer cakes!
  • I may actually finish some UFO's and and try those tutorials
  • My cats don't care if money's tight - they get to see more of me

So, I'll let you know how it goes. Luckily I have an AMAZING family behind me (gently shoving me in the direction I need to go!) This may also be the opening I've needed to enjoy some new adventures!

With the potential of 20% of my income going bye-bye, I may have to re-think some things. For the rest of the year, with batting & backing so expensive, I'm going to count a "finished" top as a FINISH and check it off my sidebar.

As I tell my Dad, at least I have stitching to keep me sane and out of trouble!

Take care and count your blessings,


  1. I like your attitude! You should have 20% more time for quilting then too right?? Keep your chin up, it may lead to something better.

  2. Love your happy thought list. Oscar & Gingers List must read 'More time with mum - yahhhh!' It will be an upheaval & sad after so long there but new opportunities will arise. Best of luck with it all. Tracee xx

  3. You have a good attitude hon - listen, my hubby hasn't worked since Christmas - I work out of my stash, and get flannel sheets at the thrift shop to use as batting [I love thin quilts] and vintage sheets for backing. It REALLY saves me money and keeps me quilting.
    I hope something comes along soon, and is even better!

  4. Yes, we have to look at these things as opportunities and make the best of things. I'm sewing out of my stash this year and it's really nice to use up some of what I already have on hand! :0)


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