Friday, August 28, 2015

AQ05: Green Four Patch Variation

Scrappy sashed 4-patch using 30's fabrics and solid green sashing
All blocks, sashing, and borders handstitched
Corners are mitered
74" x 87"

Next up in the mystery bundle is this 30's beauty. All hand pieced, including the sashings and borders.

The dark green is a little thick and a little jarring against the plaid fabrics, but, in a way, it seems just right.

Although a little wavy, it's in mint condition.  Might be nice with a puffier batting to hide some of the bunching.

You do have to appreciate perfectly mitered corners - and done by hand!

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  1. Boy does that red stand out! These are so much fun to see. Keep 'em coming!


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