Wednesday, August 19, 2015

AQ03: Six-Pointed Stars

Six-pointed pieced scrappy stars with pale pink solid alternating blocks
Brown polished fabric is deteriorating
All handstitched
71" x 85"

This is the third of the collection of 10 antique quilts passed into my care.  Lovely matched points and the fabric has such fantastic patterns!

Late 1800's?  The tag says so, but the detail doesn't appear expert. It is all hand-stitched - even the long seams.

The fabrics seem right and the brown has deteriorated (the old brown and red dies were very acidic and notorious for deteriorating the fabric), but so many of the reproduction fabrics now a days are very believable.

You can see a glimpse of the blue tarp peering through
the hole.  All the stars with this fabric has deteriorated.
 Although pink is not my favorite color, I love how beautifully it pairs with the scrappy fabrics.

I haven't quilted much this year; it lost some of its appeal after making them as a commitment for other people and not for fun.  But the stripes and plaids and paisleys really make me itch to get back to my machine.


  1. Hey Elisa, While this looks like six pointed stars, I think it is a tumbling blocks variation. You can really see the blocks in your third, closeup photo. What do you think?

  2. OMG Lauri I could not see that tumbling blocks variation but as soon as I read your comment I could see it.............


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