Sunday, August 23, 2015

AQ04: Appliqued 8-Pointed Stars

Scrappy 8-point stars appliqued to cream background squares
Applique by hand - squares joined by machine
77" x 91"

The latest antique quilt top is a beautiful, scrappy affair with hand-appliqued 8-pointed stars on a solid background. I love the mixing of the polka dots with strips and checks. 

So many thoughts running through my head! Look how crisp those points are! The seams must be tiny as there is no bulk at the points.  Each star lays perfectly flat.  Were these pieces cut using cardboard patterns or did a modern-day acrylic ruler ensure the precision? I really need to get more information on the provenance of these tops!

Did the original quilter intend this to be a picnic quilt or grace a spare bed?  The playful colors invite a nap in the grass, but the top has a lovely weight to it - the type you snuggle under on a crisp, Winter night.

As I pass the pile, I can't help but run my hand over these soft fabrics and smile.

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  1. Oh yeah, this is a beauty! Hope it is on the top of the finish it pile! Lauri


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