Monday, August 17, 2015

AQ02: Blue with Pieced Sashing Quilt

Blue Solid Squares with Pieced Sashings
Hand and Machine Stitched
No noticeable tears or stains

Here is the next installment of the mystery quilt bundle. Again, I hesitated posting these as I feel I should know the name of the quilt pattern.

The "Patch Quilt" tag in the corner listed it for $45.00

Can't you just imagine some beautiful design hand quilted in these squares?

The pieced sashing is all hand pieced, but they are
sewn to the solid squares with a sewing machine.

I LOVE scrap quilts.  Can't you imagine this on the bed or the back of a couch?
I don't feel my candid snapshots do the tops justice, but they get progressively more beautiful as we unwrapped the bundle.  I'd love to see this one completed and given to Steve.


  1. It looks like a variation of "Ocean Waves". Very nice. It amazes me what people find.

  2. OMG!!!! love this one...............


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