Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tool Time: Fiskars Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

I like tools.  All sorts of quilting tools and notions.  A favorite are all my rotary cutters and accessories.  I own Fiskars, Olfas, and Gingher.  18mm, 40mm, 60mm.  Straight blades. Pinking blades.  Wavy blades.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned buying the Fiskars Ergonomic cutter as a gift for myself (I've had an Olfa ergonomic cutter for several years, but it finally bit the dust).  My friend, Lauri, asked for an update, but I'd been delaying... waiting for the day I had to change out the blade so I can review that also.  However.... still waiting... 

Even though I've been cutting dozens of Oxford shirts fused with interfacing, the blade is still sharp as ever (good sign!). So I will have to get back to you on that.  I have made a few other observations, though.
  • It does the work, but it doesn't feel very solid.  The handle is hollow so I don't have the reassuring weight in my hand.
  • Still getting used to the cutting angle as the ergonomic handle is quite different than the Olfa.  I have performed hours of cutting, however, and my hand never tired nor my shoulders ached.
  • It does like to collect lint up in the guard area.  Unfortunately, I  have an urge to wipe it away when I see it.  Fortunately, I've remembered it's a blade before I've cut myself.
  • I do like the guard.  I like, when closed, how it's larger than the blade so it gives extra protection.
So, the Olfa is gone, and I've retired the Gingher (which REALLY wasn't worth the money!). So thumbs up!

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