Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phew! Close Call!

I'm making another "memorial" quilt for a friend. His mother had passed this year, and he wanted a quilt made from her clothes.

I've been working on it periodically over the last few months with the intent of "ramping it up" after the holidays. The clothes are Oxford shirts in these wonderfully vibrant colors. I'm making a type of pinwheel block, setting them with strips made from her pure white shirts.

Sometimes one can get lazy - since the lady wore these blouses all the time you would assume the colors have set, right? Something made me suspicious of this gorgeous red blouse. I tested it at the very last minute - DOH! Good catch! You can actually see it bleed!

Glad I took that extra step!


  1. So what did you do?Just wash it? wash it iwth something that stops colors from running? Vinegar? Inquiring minds need to know!

    1. LOL - you must be bored, my friend. Nope. Used all my tricks & still bleeding. Leaving it out of the quilt :)

    2. That must be some kind of red!


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