Friday, January 24, 2014

Newbie Mistake!

Well... that will teach me to get cocky.  I'm working on a memory quilt for a friend (his mother passed last year) using all these fabulous Oxford shirts she has.  It's beautiful because she had so many of them in varying colors.

I was thinking as I was prepping the yellow shirts that I should tag them so I don't mix them up when piecing the final blocks because the shades & textures were so similar.

Yellows weren't a problem.... I blew it with the greens! Doh!

I have no valid excuse.  When I cut the fabric, it was daylight outside and my eyes were fresh, but I pieced them at night after a day on the computer.  Normally I would've used my numbered flower-head pins (or numbered safety pins for larger pieces).

But I didn't.  I'm hoping there's something good on TV tonight as I sit and unstitch.

Lesson learned (again)!
Happy Friday!


  1. HA! Here we had Blazing Saddles- an old laugh-out-loud favorite--such corny humor and Order of the Phoenix. Quite a twosome.

    Hope you found something equally good.

  2. Wait, what? Didn't you say pinwheel design? That tiny piece that show doesn't look like a pinwheel. . .

    1. Ha ha! Good eye! But wait! I'm always up for surprises! I have the rows completed - it's gorgeous. I was hoping to have the entire top tonight but am doing real work.


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