Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ouch! 1 Week Later

Sitting in this seat a week ago today, just as I pressed [SEND] on my blog post, BAM! I was nailed by a Maglite falling off a top shelf and onto my head. I had just finished reminding Steve that we had to leave by 9pm for the season premiere of Sherlock.

We were at my Sweetie's family gathering, a Welcome Home party, and somebody had bumped a bookcase. We left by 9 alright... and straight to the Emergency Room. Head wounds bleed.

What a weird experience there. I beat quite the crowd, but Steve got stuck at Security because he carries EVERYTHING in his pockets. Near me, 1 man had cut open his hand while opening a can of Garbonzo beans (he told the nurse he wished it were a manlier wound). The two across from me had, in separate instances, been bit in the face by small dogs. And the Middle School cheerleader across the aisle was fooling around in the locker room and fell/impaled herself on a purse hook.

They tried to take my blood pressure, but the nurse said it must be wrong because if it was accurate my head would've exploded. After inspection, they sent me home with staples in my head.

Staples are fun. No hats and I keep snagging them on towels when I wash my hair. They aren't flush with my skull so I keep irritating them every time I run my hand through my hair.

Some of the jokes:

* I'd pull my hair out, but it's stapled to my head.

* My head only hurts when I use it.

* When I whined about the wound being itchy, a friend posted a pic of a staple remover on my Facebook timeline.

* I showed at sauna tonight and was presented with the attached helmet from Linda and Ron!

I get the staples out Tuesday, if we make it, as the Polar Vortex is back. The high for the day will be 2°F (windchill for the low is -30°F) and the roads will be hazardous. We won't risk it - I don't need any more staples.

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  1. Elisa! Poor you! Hope you are wearing your hard hat! My head hurts just thinking about it. You are so right! Staples can wait.


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