Tuesday, August 6, 2013

31 Days of Geocaching: Day 6

So, what is a "geocache"?  What is this elusive thing I'm running around for (using a billion dollar satellite to find tupperware in the woods....).

In the most basic definition, a geocache (or "cache") is a hidden container that contains a paper log in it.  The container can be as small as a pencil eraser or as large as an outhouse (love that cache!).  It can be made of plastic, duct tape, PVC.  It can be recycled peanut butter jars, aspirin bottles, pretzel containers.  You can buy match stick containers, bison tubes, PBN containers. They can be hidden in the woods, inside sign posts, under lamp posts, hanging from a tree, magnetized to benches, tucked into walls (etcetera, etcetera...)  The only real requirements is that they are waterproof and contain a paper log.  Why the log?  So anyone who finds it can sign their caching name, proving they were there.  After they sign the log, they will re-hide it for the next finder. Then the Cacher will locate the listing online and write a brief "post" about the find.

It's a game.  A scavenger hunt.  Today's cache was this little cutie.  It's part of the Animal Crackers series hidden in the Ferndale/Oak Park area with the intent of making little kids smile.  It made me smile this morning!

Happy Day #6!

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