Tuesday, August 13, 2013

31 Days of Geocaching: Day 13

Speaking of bright & shiny (see yesterday's post), another fun aspect of Geocaching is the path tags!
Path tags are approximately the size of a quarter. Unlike geocoins (which are sent out with missions), path tags are customized collectables to keep or to trade.
Here are some recent trades. My sister's signature tag is the lower, left corner one.
Sometimes you can earn them (for completing a series of tasks) or receive them as a souvenir from an event. These tags are from this year'S Midwest Geobash. The lower left is my personal tag (gorgeous I person but hard to photograph). The lower right is my sister's 'Bash tag!
This year'S theme was Mardi GRAS
I've been very lucky - my sister is a very talented designer and designed both of mine. As they are too shiny to really photograph, I'll show you her blueprints.
My signature tag

My 2013 GeoBash tag
It's always a thrill to find one in a Geocache! You can log them online so the giver can see who has it, where they found it, and what they think of it.
So far I've collected a few....
So pretty!
Happy caching!

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  1. Kudos to Lorna for great design! These are wonderful-- especially love your Mardi Gras cat. Purrfect!


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