Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Faux "Pieced" Doll Quilts and Minis

Ok, this is in continuation of the technique featured in my last post. You saw what happened when you created a series of topstitches for a nice textured fabric....

But what happens when you do the same thing... but from the back?

Ever been asked to make a doll's quilt for a local charity auction at work? Or wanted to make a mini quilt for a dollhouse or a play bed or to place under a lamp? Those mini-dollhouse quilts cost a FORTUNE in the shops but the seams are so teeny-tiny to make!

Here is another neat technique using some of those novelty fabrics - We can call it a faux-pieced quilt.

Basically, find yourself a novelty fabric pre-printed in geometric shapes. (I'm sorry I couldn't find a swatch of the "before" fabric so you can compare). And, using the technique featured in my texturing post, sew the "seams" from the BACK of the fabric and not the front.

Voila! A pieced mini-quilt with perfect corners and no bulky seams! If only you could run your finger over this "top" - it feels just like a pieced quilt and looks like you worked in it for HOURS!

Here is a back view so you can get an idea of implementing the technique.

I also created another piece where I "pieced" the diagonal as well as the grid lines:

Pretty cool, eh?

To finish this, I will probably "birth" the top and the backing, and then I would run a few tacking stitches to keep it from shifting.

I hope you enjoyed this!



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  1. You are so darned clever!!!! How on earth did you sew through the hearts and still get the edges to line up? It is a mystery!


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