Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Tasty Urban Legend

Did you want to hear something funny?  I was writing up a little ditty about the Urban Legend “$250 Cookie Recipe” when I came across a funny fact (thank you,
This urban legend has to do with Neiman Marcus charging a customer $250 for a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  At the time this story started circulating, Neiman Marcus restaurants didn’t even SELL chocolate chip cookies!
However (and this part fascinates me and has earned my respect), as an antidote to this defamatory urban legend, Neiman Marcus chefs did create a chocolate chip cookie recipe after the fact. And, they have posted it on their company website, free of charge!  You can download it here!  
I’m hoping to test it out over the holiday weekend!
Kudos to Neiman Marcus!


  1. Urban legends. What a hoot! I heard the exact same story except it was Mrs. Field's recipe instead of Nieman Marcus.

  2. And don't forget to update us on the results when you test this recipe! Meanwhile, I am about to go lie in the hammock with a lovely root beer float. What is more American than that on this 4th of July!


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