Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Adventure

I'm in the midst of a stay-cation, and I was in need for an adventure.  Along with my Sweetie, Steve, we set off for exploring and caching in Detroit.  I think my cache log says it best:

Reading other logs left on the Detroit caches, I see people commenting about the sketchy neighborhoods, the trash, the burned out houses. Yes, we saw that, but we had some amazing (and diverse) experiences, too.

We visited a historic German church & cemetery. Saw a Detroit Zoo sign in (I think) Arabic. Stopped at a duck crossing. Escaped ravenous mosquitoes at this little-known nature trail near Fairlane. Discovered MANY Michigan Lost Towns. Saw a man wheel an ice cream pushcart in Mexicantown. Visited a Hungarian church and cemetery (with those beautiful cameos in the headstones). Almost hit a man riding a bicycle-powered potato chip cart. Crossed over into alien territory under a freeway. Marveled at the colorful graffiti-murals covering abandoned buildings. Sat enthralled with the Albert Kahn facades & interiors in the New Center area. Fell silent over the Art Deco details on the now-defunct theaters on the East Side. Finished off with dinner at Polish Village.
I can't wait to share some of my pictures with you!

Saint Alphonus - German Catholic Church & historic cemetery

Steve helping out at the Duck Crossing
Lots of Nature Trails in the Detroit Area

So many flowers - what is this?

Wetlands, too

We visited many of the Michigan Lost Towns (MLT) - fascinating histories!

Detroit is dotted with historic cemeteries

Details from the Cadillac Building - designed by Albert Kahn

Always remember to look up!

Interior of the Cadillac Building

Details are amazing!  Not the Detroit everyone thinks of, eh?

This is.  But, typical to this type of structure, the poor neighborhood surrounding it was immaculate, filled with laughter and children.

So, not much quilting done, but at least I have something to show for it!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Elisa,

    I sure would like to tag along on your adventures! You just have way too much fun and see such wonderful things.


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